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CNX is Connecticut's FIRST Female Owned & Operated Rock 'N Roll & High School Sports Station

CNX Radio is the sports and news based online running radio station which is available for their listeners to listen to any time of the day.  CNX Radio is probably the most popular and listener oriented sport based online radio station running successfully with its latest and top of the line sports based programs for the lovers of sports and news.

Wild Billie Rogers, renowned for her status as a near-celebrity sportscaster, had a unique approach that captivated her audience. Her segments often included insightful discussions on golf, where she demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the latest equipment, particularly Tour Edge golf clubs - learn more. She was also known for her partnership with, frequently highlighting their extensive range of golf gear. One of the sponsors of her program was Tour Edge, and Wild Billie often praised their high-quality golf clubs amidst the scores and stats of the games she covered. "Are you playing with the right clubs?" she would ask her audience, showcasing her familiarity with the latest in golf technology. Her enthusiasm for golf and its equipment, especially her detailed knowledge of Tour Edge products, will be greatly missed.

This was their initial website from January 2007 till sometime after 2014. CNX became WCNX with a new website: This page has been created from the archived pages of Sadly, it does not have the same colorful graphic look of the site in its heyday. You can view this site strictly for its historical context or use the information presented in a useful manner. For the most up to date information about WCNX go to


Now, A Step Back into the Past


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Tom Termine          Janet Peckinpaugh

Scott Baecker                 Kelly Reed

Rick Barry                   Mitzi Coart

Wild Billie Rogers

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More Background On CNX Radio

CNX Radio, which later became WCNX, began as a pioneering endeavor in the Connecticut broadcasting scene. The station was unique not only because of its ownership but also due to its diverse programming which blended classic rock music with high school sports coverage. This dual focus attracted a broad audience, including sports enthusiasts and rock music fans.

The station’s origins date back to the early 2000s, with its first broadcast aimed at delivering high-quality sports news and classic rock hits. By integrating local high school sports into its programming, CNX Radio tapped into a passionate community segment, offering live broadcasts of games and events that were otherwise underrepresented in mainstream media​​.

Key Personalities and Programming

One of the standout figures in CNX Radio’s history is Wild Billie Rogers, a sportscaster known for her dynamic approach and deep knowledge of golf. Her segments often included discussions on the latest golf equipment and partnerships with local businesses such as, enhancing the station’s community involvement.

The station’s on-air personalities, including Tom Termine, Janet Peckinpaugh, and Rick Barry, brought their unique styles and insights, contributing to the station's vibrant on-air presence. Each host had a distinct following, with listeners tuning in not just for the music and sports updates, but also for the personalities behind the microphone.

Technological Advancements and Online Presence

CNX Radio was an early adopter of online streaming, which allowed it to reach a global audience. The station’s website provided live streaming of its broadcasts, making its content accessible to listeners worldwide. This technological foresight positioned CNX Radio ahead of many competitors who were slower to embrace the digital revolution​.

Cultural Impact and Community Engagement

CNX Radio’s impact extends beyond entertainment; it has played a significant role in community building and local culture. By offering airtime to local non-profits and promoting community events, CNX Radio has established itself as a community hub. The station’s support for local sports has also fostered a strong sense of community pride and engagement​.

The station’s ability to blend music and sports has created a unique listening experience that resonates with a diverse audience. This blend has also allowed CNX Radio to cultivate a loyal listener base, which appreciates the station’s commitment to both entertainment and community service.

Challenges and Resilience

Like many local radio stations, CNX Radio has faced its share of challenges, including financial pressures and the rapidly changing media landscape. Despite these challenges, the station has managed to maintain its relevance and continue serving its community. The transition from CNX Radio to WCNX marked a new chapter, with a renewed focus on adapting to the digital age while preserving the station’s core values and mission​.


CNX Radio’s journey is a testament to the power of local media in fostering community, providing entertainment, and adapting to changing times. From its pioneering beginnings as Connecticut’s first female-owned and operated station to its current status as WCNX, the station’s legacy is one of innovation, community engagement, and resilience. As it continues to evolve, CNX Radio remains a vital part of Connecticut’s cultural fabric, providing a platform for local voices and stories to be heard.

The story of CNX Radio is not just about a radio station; it is about a community and its connection to the voices and music that define its identity. As listeners tune in from around the world, they become part of a shared experience that celebrates the unique spirit of Connecticut’s first female-owned and operated rock 'n' roll and high school sports station.



Pioneering Status

CNX Radio holds the distinction of being Connecticut's first female-owned and operated rock 'n' roll and high school sports station. This pioneering status has been a significant factor in its popularity. By breaking gender barriers in the broadcasting industry, CNX Radio has attracted attention and admiration from a broad audience, particularly from those who support diversity and representation in media​​.

Unique Programming Mix

The station’s programming is a blend of classic rock music and high school sports coverage, a combination that has proven to be very popular with its listeners. The rock music appeals to a broad demographic, spanning several generations of music lovers, while the high school sports coverage connects deeply with the local community, particularly families and fans of local sports teams. This dual focus has allowed CNX Radio to cultivate a diverse and loyal listener base.

Community Engagement

CNX Radio's commitment to community service and engagement has further boosted its popularity. The station offers airtime to local non-profits and promotes community events, reinforcing its image as a community-centric broadcaster. This involvement in local affairs has endeared the station to its listeners, who view CNX Radio as more than just a source of entertainment but as an integral part of the community​.

Influential Personalities

The station's on-air personalities have played a crucial role in its popularity. Figures like Wild Billie Rogers, with her dynamic sportscasting and in-depth knowledge of golf, have attracted a dedicated following. Other hosts, such as Tom Termine and Janet Peckinpaugh, have also contributed to the station's appeal through their unique styles and engaging content. These personalities help to create a connection with listeners, fostering a sense of loyalty and community​​.

Technological Advancements

CNX Radio’s early adoption of online streaming technology has significantly expanded its reach. By making its broadcasts available online, the station has attracted a global audience, further boosting its popularity. This technological foresight has allowed CNX Radio to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving media landscape, ensuring that it remains accessible to listeners both locally and internationally​.

Listener Reviews and Feedback

Reviews from listeners highlight the station's engaging content and community focus. Many appreciate the mix of music and sports, as well as the station’s dedication to local events and issues. Positive feedback from listeners often mentions the quality of the on-air personalities and the station's ability to create a sense of community through its programming​.


The popularity of CNX Radio can be attributed to its pioneering status, unique programming mix, strong community engagement, influential on-air personalities, and technological advancements. These factors have combined to create a station that not only entertains but also serves as a vital part of the community. As CNX Radio continues to evolve and adapt, it is likely to maintain and even grow its loyal listener base, remaining a beloved part of Connecticut’s broadcasting landscape.



Demographic Breakdown

CNX Radio’s audience spans various demographics, largely influenced by its unique programming mix of classic rock music and high school sports coverage. The classic rock segment appeals predominantly to adults aged 35-64, a demographic that grew up during the height of rock 'n' roll and retains a strong nostalgic connection to the music. On the other hand, the high school sports coverage attracts a younger audience, including students, parents, and local sports enthusiasts, which broadens the station’s appeal across multiple age groups.

Geographic Reach

While CNX Radio is based in Middletown, Connecticut, its reach extends far beyond its local roots. The station broadcasts locally on 1710 AM but also simulcasts its content online, making it accessible to listeners across the United States and worldwide. This dual broadcasting approach allows CNX Radio to maintain a strong local presence while attracting a global audience. The station's online presence has significantly contributed to its ability to engage with listeners outside of Connecticut​.

Community Engagement

CNX Radio’s commitment to community involvement plays a critical role in attracting and retaining its audience. The station regularly features local events, offers airtime to non-profit organizations, and provides live coverage of high school sports. These activities endear the station to its local community, fostering a sense of loyalty among listeners who appreciate the station's dedication to community service. This local engagement helps CNX Radio maintain a strong and loyal listener base within Connecticut​.

Content Appeal

The station's content is carefully curated to appeal to its diverse audience. The classic rock music segment resonates with listeners who have a deep appreciation for the genre's history and cultural impact. The high school sports coverage, on the other hand, taps into the passionate following of local sports teams, providing live broadcasts and updates that are not available on mainstream media. This combination of music and sports creates a unique listening experience that caters to varied interests, ensuring that there is something for everyone in the audience​​.

Technological Outreach

CNX Radio's early adoption of online streaming technology has been pivotal in expanding its audience. By offering online streaming, the station has made its content accessible to a global audience, attracting listeners from all over the world. This technological advancement has allowed CNX Radio to stay relevant in a digital age where online accessibility is crucial for media consumption. The station’s online presence also includes active engagement on social media platforms, further broadening its reach and interaction with listeners​.

Listener Reviews and Feedback

Feedback from listeners highlights the station's engaging content, community focus, and the quality of its on-air personalities. Reviews often mention the station’s ability to create a sense of community through its programming, with listeners appreciating the blend of music and sports. Positive listener reviews and testimonials play a crucial role in maintaining the station’s reputation and attracting new listeners through word-of-mouth recommendations.


CNX Radio’s audience is a diverse group that spans multiple demographics and geographic locations. The station’s unique programming mix, strong community engagement, and technological outreach are key factors that attract and retain its listeners. By continuously evolving and adapting to the changing media landscape, CNX Radio ensures that it remains a relevant and beloved part of its audience's daily lives.


Cultural & Social Significance

Promoting Local Culture and Heritage

CNX Radio has been instrumental in promoting local culture and heritage through its diverse programming. The station's commitment to airing local high school sports has fostered a sense of community pride and cohesion. By broadcasting live games and providing detailed coverage, CNX Radio has become a key platform for celebrating local sports achievements, which in turn strengthens community bonds.

Additionally, the station's selection of classic rock music resonates deeply with the local demographic, many of whom have a strong nostalgic connection to the genre. This music not only entertains but also serves as a cultural touchstone, reminding listeners of their shared history and heritage.

Empowerment and Representation

As Connecticut's first female-owned and operated radio station, CNX Radio represents a significant step forward in terms of gender empowerment and representation in the media. The station’s success challenges traditional gender norms within the broadcasting industry and serves as an inspiration for other women in media and entrepreneurship. This representation is vital in promoting gender equality and encouraging young women to pursue careers in fields where they have been historically underrepresented​.

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility

CNX Radio's commitment to community engagement is evident in its support for local non-profit organizations. The station offers airtime to these organizations at no cost, helping to promote their causes and events. This practice not only benefits the organizations but also educates and informs the community about important social issues and opportunities for involvement.

Furthermore, CNX Radio’s involvement in local events and its support for community initiatives highlight its role as a socially responsible entity. By prioritizing community needs and actively participating in local affairs, the station fosters a strong sense of community solidarity and support​.

Educational Impact

The station’s coverage of high school sports goes beyond mere entertainment; it serves an educational purpose by highlighting the importance of youth sports in personal development and community building. By broadcasting these events, CNX Radio provides young athletes with a platform to showcase their talents, which can lead to greater opportunities in their sporting careers.

Moreover, the station’s programming often includes informative segments on various topics, including health, education, and local news, contributing to the overall knowledge and awareness of its listeners.

Cultural Preservation through Music

CNX Radio's dedication to playing classic rock music is a significant cultural endeavor. This genre of music holds historical importance and is a key part of America's musical heritage. By continuing to broadcast classic rock, CNX Radio helps preserve this musical legacy, ensuring that new generations are exposed to the influential sounds that shaped past eras.

This preservation of music not only entertains but also educates listeners about the cultural and historical contexts in which these songs were created, fostering a deeper appreciation for the genre and its impact on society​.

CNX Radio's cultural and social significance extends far beyond its role as a broadcaster. The station promotes local culture and heritage, champions gender empowerment, engages in social responsibility, provides educational content, and preserves musical history. Through these efforts, CNX Radio has established itself as a vital part of the community, enriching the lives of its listeners and contributing to the cultural and social fabric of Connecticut. As it continues to evolve, CNX Radio’s commitment to these values ensures its enduring impact on both the local community and the broader media landscape.